Darrell Varga


Bread in the Bones: feature film, 72 minutes

Producer and Director: Darrell Varga

I am pleased to present my film  Bread in the Bones at the launch of the 2021 Symposium on Bread. The film is a fun and engaging exploration of the poetry, politics, and pleasures of bread. Not a film of recipes and techniques; instead, the film uses bread as entry to a wide-ranging collection of stories of work and play, of love and loss, and of bread. These stories come from artists and writers, bakers, social activists, back-to-the-landers and more. A few of the bakers in the film include Apollonia Poilâne, Harry Peemoeller, Lionel Vatinet and a visit to the Bread Houses Network in Sofia Bulgaria where bread is made as part of a community therapy project for refugees. Bread has been at the center of human life and creativity for at least the last ten thousand years - it is in our bones and a witness to history. This simple staple food is brought to life by the wild energy of yeast, perhaps our first companion animal, and is a metaphor of transformation that mirrors life itself. And it is the only metaphor you can eat! Shot in Canada, the US and throughout Europe, this is a beautiful and profound journey into a subject that has come to have important meaning in our times.

Darrell Varga  is the filmmaker behind the award-winning feature documentary, Bread in the Bones, on the poetry, politics and pleasures of bread. He lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia on the Canadian east coast where he teaches film history and documentary filmmaking at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.