Guy Frenkel


August 30: Bread Couture, how far can we push the envelope? In this presentation, Guy Frenkel uses his own gold and silver bread as an example of what can happen when we ask, “If people now will pay $10 for a loaf of artisan bread, just how much will they pay for a loaf of bread when we view it as a work of art and exquisite craft?”

Bake Like a Pro

September 01: Guy Frenkel (aka CEOR) will demonstrate how to do unique, artistic stenciling on your loaves the can dramatically raise their beauty and their value.

Guy Frenkel of Céor is a world-renowned Los Angeles-based ‘baker to the stars’ whose picture-perfect, wildly-colored sourdough loaves made with ancient grains have been celebrated for their visual appeal as well as their culinary flair.  His breads were displayed at the Laurent and Martin Art Gallery and the Craft and Folks Art Museum in Los Angeles, and his “most expensive bread in the world” using one gram of gold and one gram of silver, and a gold leaf stencil was featured on Fuse TV. This year Céor opened a 13,000 sq ft baking facility just outside Los Angeles.