Christine Cochran

Executive Director, Grain Foods Foundation

As executive director, Christine Cochran is responsible for the overall direction, strategy and management of the Foundation, including working with investors, staff, scientific advisory board and industry partners to develop and implement a public relations plan based on scientific research. Directs outreach to major media outlets, academic institutions, health care professionals, policymakers and consumers to fulfill program objectives. She leads the association, including investor recruitment and retention, fundraising, management of staff and outside agencies, and works with the Board of Trustees to set organizational goals and ensure the Foundation is mission-focused. 

Formed in 2004, Grain Foods Foundation is a joint venture of members from the baking and milling industries, and allied suppliers. GFF is a supportive, expert group of thought leaders and advocates for ALL grain foods that believe everybody needs grain food to enjoy a happy and healthy life. The Foundation is committed to nutrition education programming that is firmly rooted in sound science, being a strong advocate for our members, a resource for consumers and the media who want to learn more about the role of grains in a healthy lifestyle.