Patricia Kennedy


Dividing dough accurately is tricky but it's key to profitably and credibility. Here's what future technology has in store for this part of the operation.

Patricia Kennedy founded WP Bakery Group USA in 1990 under the name Kemper Bakery Systems. Kennedy’s background in business, marketing, and branding provided a strong foundation for her role as President and CEO of WP Bakery Group USA. A member of the Board of Directors for the Bread Baker’s Guild of America for many years, Kennedy became very involved in the artisan side of baking early on in her career, giving her the foundation of baking knowledge necessary to head up this organization. Patricia understands and respects the absolute precision that bakers require from their equipment because the baking process is as much science as it is art. WP Bakery Group USA then applies this knowledge to industrial formulations to create reproducible high-quality baked goods.