Karl Worley

Bake Like a Pro

August 04: Karl Worley will be demonstrating his prized family recipe for Angel Biscuits, a unique hybrid of both yeasted and baking powder leavening. All of his biscuits are heavenly, but this is the one you will want to learn directly from "The Biscuit King" himself.

Growing up in Bristol, Tennessee, Karl Worley's earliest memories are food memories. His grandfather was a chef in World War II and opened a deli upon his return home. The family sold the business after he passed, but Karl's mother continued working in a local deli, where Karl spent much of his childhood.

In 2001, Karl met his future wife Sarah in Nashville. When he learned that Sarah was leaving for Denver, Colorado to attend culinary school, Karl took a chance and followed her. They attended Johnson & Wales College of Culinary Arts and Karl quickly found his passion for cooking. At 30-years-old, Karl's creative cooking skills flourished, and he began to draw his influence for dishes from childhood memories.

In 2009, they moved to North Carolina to finish school. While working at Coon Rock Farm, Karl fully embraced Durham's early adoption of sustainable agriculture and farm-to-table restaurants, a philosophy that would greatly influence his cooking.

After graduating in 2010, they moved back to Nashville with a dream of opening their own food truck selling scratch-made biscuits and biscuit sandwiches. They were able to borrow a truck from a friend, and after three months of menu planning and strategizing, Biscuit Love Food Truck was born. After a successful three-year run, the Worleys were offered the opportunity to open a brick-and-mortar Biscuit Love, which opened in the heart of Nashville’s The Gulch neighborhood in 2015. Just a few years later, Biscuit Love has added a second location across town in Hillsboro Village and a third down the road in Franklin, TN. 

At Biscuit Love, Karl leads the charge in the kitchen as executive chef. His childhood and travel memories served as inspiration when creating the menu. Biscuit Love’s Angel Biscuits are an ode to his grandmother, who he cooked beside as a young boy.  Karl also draws inspiration from those who came before him with dishes like his shrimp and grits inspired by renowned Southern chef Bill Neal. 

In 2019,Karl and Sarah will open ‘za, a wood-fired pizza restaurant adjacent to the Hillsboro Village location of Biscuit Love. Inspired by a recent trip to Italy,

Karl discovered that pizza—just like biscuits—brings everyone to the table. He saw obvious parallels between Italian and the Southern American food culture so close to his heart, and ‘za was born from this inspiration to merge the two to create a new dining experience for Nashville. Allowing Karl to flex his creative muscles in a new kitchen with a new dough, ‘za will serve wood-fired pizzas that are handcrafted with locally sourced, Southern ingredients. 

Outside of the kitchen, you can find Karl spending time with his family and collecting cookbooks and recipe boxes (over a thousand from garage sales throughout the years!). He cares deeply about the resurgence of Appalachia, and participates in events to further the cause, such as the Appalachian Food Summit.