Charles Luce


Recent years have witnessed a diminishing consumer interest in gluten-free baked goods, thus blunting one of the most disruptive forces in

foods. This trend, verified through numerous sources, is seen as a maturation rather than an end-spiral since approximately 7% of the world population has medically valid need for a gluten-free diet. Maturation brings legacy; in the case of gluten-free, legacy is found in the ready availability of the 9 gluten-free global grains and their flours; rising consumption of these; plus a growing desire to use them well. Traditional (ie - wheat) bakers should capitalize on these grain flours’ availability for unique bread and other formulations, because they offer flavors, textures, and traits not found in existing glutenous products. Best practice for 9-grains savory baked goods is the use of natural leavens, ie, sourdough, for which several successful and unique examples are illustrated. Using the 9 gluten-free grain flours and their sourdoughs is a rising trend among bakers that has not been fully explored, leaving ample opportunity for invention and success.

Bullet points

     The gluten-free “fad” is no longer ascendant.

      A legacy of gluten-free baking is the ready availability of 9 GF grain flours and  their multiple cultivars, plus individuals who have expertise in their use.

      The use of these flours is a rising trend in baking in general.

      For bread-bakers, challenges of using these flours are largely overcome through the use of natural leavens.

      Continuing scientific interest in gluten-free breads emphasizes sourdough, while simultaneously uncovering new methods and ingredients.

      In a time of shifting consumer tastes, and concerns relative to agricultural sustainability, the 9 grain flours offer opportunities and potential mitigations.

     Charles Luce is the owner of GF Creations LLC, previously Luce’s Gluten-Free Artisan Bread. He is the inventor of gluten-free bread mixes that allow home bakers to produce great-tasting, crusty and open-crumb bread easily and at moderate expense. Commercial bakers use these mixes to make bagels, boules and baguette breads, “Rye” loaves, enriched burger buns, pizzas, and much more. The underlying intellectual property Luce developed is licensed internationally, to Rana’s Artisan Bread London (a.k.a. My Gluten Free Bakery) and Marie Eiffel LLC New York. Rana’s products, which are founded on Luce’s techniques, have won numerous awards in the UK, including Free From Gold and Silver badges. Charles is a frequent speaker on ways to improve gluten-free products, presenting to the American Chefs Association NYC, Gluten Intolerance Groups, and Gluten-Free Expos. Currently he’s the owner of, a growing archive of recipes promoting the 9 gluten-free grain flours. He is also a regular contributor to the Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook (online), from which he’s been chosen as a participant in a forthcoming book by food writer Eugenia Bone. Luce transitioned from a career as a fine art photographer and educator to baking product developer after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. He was a tenured Associate Professor of Visual Art at County College of Morris, New Jersey, where he chaired the Art Department (1990 - 1995). He was also an Adjunct Professor at Parsons School of Design, NYC and New Jersey City University. He was twice the recipient of a NJ State Council On The Arts Individual Fellowship. Luce is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (MFA) and the Ohio State University (MA). He and his wife Leslie live in Weehawken New Jersey. They are also ice dancers.