Home baker and teacher Teri Culletto

Bake Like a Pro

Join us for live instruction With Teri Culletto, the he “Vandough” of bread world for the Focaccia Bread Art Project, Putting the Art in Artisan Breads. You will learn about dough texture and mixing, vegetable cutting and placement techniques for creating a true work or art, as well as baking tips to get the most color out of your toppings during the bake.

Teri Culletto’s bread experience starts as a young child spending summers at her grandmother’s home in NY city.  She would sit on the kitchen stool, absorbing bread-baking wisdom from her grandmother, an immigrant of Eastern Europe, who did not know of store-bought bread.  Teri would later lean on that knowledge to run a cottage bread business to support her family as a single parent. This bread business not only provided income but allowed her to be at home with her 4 sons, who never complained about having to eat the day-old breads and treats. When time permitted Teri would take a bread class here and there from a variety of resources such as King Arthur and the Bread Bakers Guild.  After her nest emptied, Teri took a new path, sharing her bread knowledge as a baking instructor at the local adult learning center. It is there the idea of the Focaccia Garden Art project came about. She was teaching a 6-week course on Artisan breads around the world and, for the Italian portion, Teri put an artistic twist on the classic focaccia where students would shape focaccia dough and decorate with toppings to create Focaccia flower Gardens; thus the Focaccia Art project sprouted. With classes suddenly canceled due to Covid, Teri felt compelled to share in the “Stay home, stay safe “campaign. She posted pictures of beautiful Focaccia Art along with recipes and directions on social media, inspiring would-be bakers to “tap into their inner Van dough“ and create their own works of art. The Focaccia Bread art project quickly bloomed and took on a life of its own. It is Teri’s belief that the pandemic may have contributed to the global success of this new style of bread baking.  While she is happy to hear and see how many people are baking at home, she looks forward to one day returning to in-person classes. Meanwhile, she continues to live by her motto of, ”Sharing good bread with good people”, while offering inspiration and tips online. 

Teri lives in her kitchen on Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts. Her sons are all grown and have families of their own now. They still talk of “those days ”when the living room would be crowded with bread racks and late nights of bagging up breads. “ Aside from her passion for bread baking, Teri enjoys reading and has over 75 books on bread baking and bread history.