Claire Kopp McWilliams


Marc Vetri, Claire Kopp McWilliams, and David Joachim: Why Bolted Flour is a Game Changer.  In this panel discussion by the multi-award winning authors of Mastering Bread, we will explore the ascent of not only bolted flour (also known as high extraction flour), and why it makes better bread, but also how the importance of sourcing and matching your wheat to your style of bread will be a growing influence in both local and national bread baking.

Claire Kopp McWilliams runs Ursa Bakery, a small Philadelphia operation making bread exclusively from regionally grown grain. Earlier, she developed and implemented the fresh milling program at Vetri Cucina, a collaboration with Marc Vetri which culminated in Mastering Bread. She is an enthusiastic hype man for Philadelphia, while forever pining after her hometown of Seattle.