Serge Ameye


Since securing over $5 million in seed funding for the Planet Mars Baking Project, work is underway to develop methods for baking bread in outer space on the orbiting space centers, as well as on the Moon and, eventually, on Mars. Fantastic as this sounds, it is backed by science and research and maybe central to this planet’s ambitions to transport humans and sustain life in outer space. In this presentation, Serge will describe the work already accomplished as well as progress reports and updates on next steps. The “future of bread” must now be conceived beyond any borders and limitations.  

Serge Ameye is the founder and first CEO of Puratos USA as well as the founding CEO of Puratos Germany, Puratos Russia, and regional director of Puratos Eastern Europe. He earned his masters degree in Political Science from Brussels University.

More recently, he founded Greenworx EU Green Energy Projects (windfarms and rendering), and founder and president of The Planet Mars Baking Society, and the initiator of the Space Bakery Consortium in Belgium, and a member of the Sirius Program Moscow (a joint venture between NASA and Roscosmos for wellness in space), and is currently developing bread mixes and food supplements for space travelers.