Michael Kalanty

Prebiotics --Your Gut’s #1 Craving

Gut health is one of the most talked-about nutrition trends in the food world. And just like we do, our microbiome craves energizing foods to function at its peak.The gut’s food group of choice is Prebiotics

Led by the Millennial and Gen Z populations, today’s consumers look for functional ingredients when making their own food choices. By fortifying breads and baked goods with prebiotics, our industry can promote the link between diet and health while responding to customer trends.

High fiber inclusions and fermented grain porridges are make-up techniques that bring prebiotics to your bread. Dried, pre-fermented commercial products can also provide prebiotics and are easy to add to your formulations.

And let’s not forget about taste! The competition for texture and flavor excellence is fierce. Sensory evaluation skills are needed to complete the innovation equation on your bench.

This presentation gives bakers and developers tools to speak knowledgeably about this trend.You’ll learn about baking techniques and commercial products that bring prebiotics to your breads. And because success won’t lie simply in technique or ingredients, you’ll learn basic sensory evaluation tests so you can track your development efforts and reach the sensory targets you want!

Michael Kalanty is an award-winning author, bread baker & presenter. He’s the author of the How To Bake Bread series and the Bread Aroma & Flavor Chart©. At his lab in San Francisco, he blends sensory science, creativity, and technical expertise to deliver breads and bakery items that exceed customer expectations and taste great.