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  • Sessions starting May 17th and running through October 25th
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  • Darrell Varga

    Documentary filmaker Darrell Varga presents a private viewing of his new film "Bread in the Bones"
    May 17

    Apollonia Poilane with Kim Severson

    A conversaiton with visionary baker Apollonia Poilane with New York Times writer Kim Severson
    May 24

    Graison Gill

    A baking demonstration by award-winning baker Graison Gill of what he calls a Diaspora Baguette featuring heirloom hominy grits, wood-fired cane syrup, and other ingredients unique to the Deep South.
    May 26

    Karl de Smedt, The Future of Bread Lies in Its Past

    Karl de Smedt takes us on a tour of the Puratos International Sourdough Library in St. Vith, Belgium
    May 31

    Stephanie Swane

    Publisher and Editorial Director Stephanie Swane will showcase over 20 top visionaries in the bread and pizza industries, from millers to cookbook authors to bakers, as well as give you an inside look at the Modernist Cuisine kitchen and crew.
    Jun 07

    Nicky Giusto

    A baking demonstration by Nicky Giusto, Captain of Team USA 2016 Coupe du Monde du Boulangerie.
    Jun 09

    Michael Ganzle

    Professor Michael Ganzle on the science of sourdough starters.
    Jun 14

    Avery Ruzicka

    Transitioning a recipe from conventional sifted flour to freshly milled whole grain; how to adjust your soon-to-be former favorites for texture, fermentation and flavor.
    Jun 16

    Patricia Kennedy & Sebastian Wessels

    Patricia Kennedy & Sebastian Wessels on the future of baking technology.
    Jun 21

    Edan Leshnick

    Chocolate babka is like the holy grail — the search for the best version of it can become an obsession and a matter of fierce opinion. Eden Leshnick, baking manager at Breads Bakery in NYC, will show us how he makes the loaf that has been cited in New York Magazine and many other polls as the best version of Chocolate Babka anywhere.
    Jun 23

    Stephen Bloom

    Stephen Bloom on the past, present, and future of Thermal Oil Technology - Back to the Future of Baking.
    Jun 28

    Daisy Chow

    Daisy Chow: Making destination-worthy croissants with high extraction, local flours.
    Jun 30

    Chef Frank Murphy and the Blazing Bulldog (FireWithin)

    Chef Frank Murphy and the Blazing Bulldog Oven, transformation through the power of fire.
    Jul 05

    Chef Shai Fargian

    Chef Fargian will demonstrate how to make Khachapuri, a traditional Georgian pizza-like cheese bread, on a Big Green Egg charcoal grill
    Jul 07

    Mission to Mars, Serge Ameye

    Serge Ameye, The Mission to Mars Baking Project, a progress report.
    Jul 12

    Michael Kalanty

    Michael Kalanty: Prebiotic Bread for improved gut health -- how to make it happen and make it taste great!
    Jul 14

    Rob Dunn

    Dr. Rob Dunn: Recently discovered wild yeast from insects; the implications for bread baking.
    Jul 19

    Roxana Jullapat

    Roxana Jullapat: A demo tribute and reimagining of the classic Finnish Ring Rye Bread.
    Jul 21

    Erin McKenney

    Dr.Erin McKenney: New findings from the Citizen Science Sourdough Project.
    Jul 26

    Daniel Leader, Bread Alone

    Daniel Leader, founder of Bread Alone Bakery: From Craft to Scale, a Sustainable Approach.
    Aug 02

    Karl Worley

    Karl Worley, "The Biscuit King:" How to make yeasted Angel Biscuits.
    Aug 04

    Douglas Michael

    Douglas Michael: Baking with sprouted grain, a business model.
    Aug 09

    Richard Miscovich

    Richard Miscovich, demonstration: Baking with sprouted grain flour.
    Aug 11

    John Unrein and panel

    The Future of Bread Baking Education: John Unrein, Mitch Stamm, Christine Cochran and Karen Bornarth
    Aug 16

    Harry Peemoeller, Demonstration

    Harry Peemoeller, demonstration: Baking with Freshly Milled Flour
    Aug 18

    Charles Luce

    Charles Luce: The Past, Present, and Future of Gluten-Free and Allergen-Free Baking
    Aug 23

    Alon Shaya

    Chef Alon Shaya, demonstration: Baking Bread on an Outdoor Grill
    Aug 25

    Guy Frenkel, Bread Couture

    Guy Frenkel: "Bread Couture; Stretching the Limits of Artisan Bread."
    Aug 30

    Guy Frenkel, Stenciling

    Guy Frenkel, demonstration: Creative Stenciling on Breads
    Sep 01

    Sourdough Culture

    Presented by Eric Pallant
    Sep 06

    Grains: Good for You and Good for the Planet

    Join Michael Gleason from Puratos and Daniel Kurzrock from ReGrain to see how their companies are making grains good for you and good for the planet.
    Sep 08

    Marc Vetri, Claire Kopp McWilliams, and David Joachim: Why Bolted Flour is a Game Changer

    James Beard Award winner, Chef Marc Vetri, Claire Kopp McWilliams, and David Joachim: Mastering Bread Using Bolted Flour
    Sep 13

    Patricia Kennedy, Dividing Equipment of the Future

    Dividing dough accurately is tricky but it's key to profitably and credibility. Here's what future technology has in store for this part of the operation.
    Sep 15

    Teri Culletto

    Teri Culletto demonstration: How to Make a Focaccia Garden
    Sep 20

    Nancy Silverton

    A conversation with Nancy Silverton on the future of bread.
    Sep 22

    The Missing Mix in Baking with Toni Tipton-Martin and panel

    A panel discussion on expanding the baking community for diversity, equity, inclusion with Toni Tipton Martin, Erika Council and Adrian Lipscombe
    Sep 27

    Altamura Bread

    Understanding and Making this Legendary Bread, with Fred Danser
    Sep 29

    Nathan Myhrvold

    Nathan Myhrvold: Modernist Pizza
    Oct 04

    Peter Yuen

    Peter Yuen demonstration: The Yuen Numbering System for Laminated Dough
    Oct 06

    Jonathan Deutsch and Rebecca Etter

    Jonathan Deutsch and Rebecca Etter: Innovative Options for Leftover Bread and Dough
    Oct 11

    Richard Coppedge

    Richard Coppedge, Gluten-Free Baking: New Techniques for a New Time.
    Oct 13

    Josh Allen

    Josh Allen: How Saving Waste Impacts the Bottom Line
    Oct 18

    Dave Dahl

    Dave Dahl: Dave's Killer Breads, a Story of Transformation and Redemption through Bread
    Oct 25